Predicting protein structure, episode 2

Data about proteins has a home in the Protein Data Bank (PDB). Structural data for over 180,000 proteins. Now, with AlphaFold from DeepMind Technologies, an Alphabet company, there's an EBI-AlphaFold database for structures generated computationally. What does this mean for the Protein Data Bank? And how does the PDB relate to AlphaFold? What's next? Helen Berman, co-founder of the PDB and co-architect of its next chapter shares her thoughts about the future, the past.

Protein structure prediction is the Nature Methods Method of the Year for 2021.  Here is my feature on that.    For the story, I chatted with Helen Berman, co-founder of the Protein Data Bank (PDB), which is home to experimentally determined structural data for over 180,000 proteins. What's next for the PDB. And of course this relates to the past. She's a bit secretive about the future, but discloses some of the plans currently underway. She is co-architect of the PDB's next chapter.